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Scrollbar Annoyance

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Microsoft Office, resolved

I have an Excel file with about 500 rows of data. For some reason, the scrollbar is out of calibration. A small nudge moves the focus thousands of lines. The “END” seems to be at row 1,048,249. Please help.

1 Answers

  1. Solution Center on Jun 09, 2017

    Miss Ashley:
    On your KW Quarterly Tracking file, you should follow these instructions:

    1. From the Detail tab, click CTL+END to locate the last cell according to Excel (cell M1048249).
    2. CTL+Left Arrow to find the first column of the last row.
    3. Hold Control-Shift and tap the up-arrow. This will highlight all of the bogus rows (and your last row of good data).
    4. Hold Shift and tap the down-arrow once to deselect your good row (#520). BE PATIENT.
    5. Delete these empty rows. (Home >> Cells >> Delete >> Delete Sheet Rows).
    6. You must SAVE before this trick will work. Save. Close. Re-open. Enjoy.

    I think this phenomenon also contributed to the slowness of this file.

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