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Letterhead Template in Microsoft Word

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Microsoft Office, resolved

For my business letterhead, I want to create a Word document that will show my logo-letterhead on the first page and NOT show it on subsequent pages. I also want the footer to show my address-line and page ? of ? on each page. I also do not want a “deep” top-margin on interior pages.


1 Answers

  1. Solution Center on Sep 25, 2014

    There are two methods:
    For the headers, one needs to create page 2 first by inserting a page/section break at the end of page 1. (This is counter-intuitive, but the second page must be formatted first.) Then, on page 2, one must proceed to enter an empty header with the appropriate top margin. Then indicate “first page header is different”. Likewise, I add the footer in page 2.

    Now that the first page is regarded as a separate section, insert the header logo and add some extra blank lines to force the content down the page a little.

    “Save As” a Word template (.dotx extension).

    Objection: The header and footer will be dimmed in edit mode.

    Microsoft Word “dims” header contents by design in the edit view. This is not a defect; they did it on purpose. In the template above, if one double-clicks on the header (click near the top of the page), one will see the colorful display. One can also see the colorful version from Print Preview (File >> Print, or Ctrl+F2). Refer to this article from Microsoft:
    Personally, I don’t mind this feature because I will always save a Word document as a pdf before I share it with anyone. When a Word document is printed or saved as a pdf (same thing—pdfs are just print files), the header will be vibrant.

    Nonetheless, there is a little trick that can be used. First, we must forget about using a natural header. Rather, the logo-letterhead must be placed as a normal image with floating placement (in front or behind text). Then a hidden section break must be added to the area directly below the letterhead image (at the very beginning of the body of the letter). Then, the document must be protected selectively: Review >> Protect >> Restrict Editing. Choose “2. Editing Restrictions”. Check the box for “Allow only this type of editing in the document”, and specify “filling in forms” in the dropdown box. Lastly, click the link for “Select Sections…” and specify that Section 1 should be locked. Then, one must click the button labeled, “Yes, Start Enforcing Protection.” One will be prompted to provide a password.

    Anyway, be sure to save the attached file as a template in the following location:

    Then, one can launch Word and choose File >> New >> My Templates >> My_letterhead-2pp_best_alt. That is the best way.

    This method cannot be used for the footer because new pages in the document need to inherit properties. One will need to accept the dim footer, or else convert everything to a pdf before distributing.

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