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HP Multi-Function – Scan to computer is no longer activated

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Hardware, resolved

I have an HP Photosmart 7520 connect via USB and there is a constant system message that

Scan to computer is no longer activated

Nothing can make it go away. Is dynamite an option?

1 Answers

  1. Solution Center on Sep 14, 2017

    On your desktop double-click the printer icon.

    In the new screen click on “Manage Scan to Computer”.
    In the new screen uncheck the “Automatically Start Scan to Computer” and click the “Disable” button.

    When you want to scan, launch the the HP Scan application and do scan.

    But if you wants to do Scan to computer from the control panel of the printer, then you need to activate back the ‘Manage to scan’.

    Note: When opening the HP Printer Assistant you will only see the Manage Scan to Computer if the printer is using the HP port type. If the printer is using WSD port type then the option will not be available.

    So if your printer is connected via WSD then you’ll need to run the HP setup software Add Printer Wizard to find the printer again and have the setup software add the printer as a HP printer port type.

    After doing this you’ll then be able to open the HP Printer Assistant and see the Manage Scan to Computer option when then you can disable it. There are other ways to disable this though, like via the Task Manager, Startup tab, and then disable Scan to Computer (ScanToPCActivationApp).
    (This is the easiest way.)

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