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Help. I use VPN to connect to my company server, but I cannot view my files

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Dear FixPickle:

I routinely connect to my corporate server in order to have access to Microsoft Exchange and my user files. Although I am able to successfully connect with VPN, I cannot access any of the user files usually found in “My Documents”.  What do you suggest, oh wise Pickled One?

1 Answers

  1. Solution Center on Jun 16, 2017

    When one is unable to view the user directories after establishing a VPN connection, the solution is to open Windows Explorer and expand the “Network” item in the file directory. If necessary, identify the local IP (e.g.,, then find the “run” command from the Start menu, then type, // (insert your IP) and enter. This will bring up a full file directory that includes the “Network” group. Expand that “Network\” directory and navigate to your appropriate user folder:
    \\SERVER01\Users\PersonName\My Documents
    Voila. Your files are now available.

    If one does not see SERVER01 in the Network listing, then try to restart the VPN connection.

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