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Carbonite Limitations

Posted by on February 20, 2011 0 Comments Category : Annoyances

All users should regularly perform local back-ups (to an external hard drive or other media), but redundancy must be considered. Online services like Carbonite and Mozy are great options. BEWARE: the default settings for Carbonite do not include video or executable files. Even if one identifies a specific video folder for backup, the individual video files within the folder must be manually selected for backup.

Initial backup for Carbonite can take two days. If videos are included, three or four days might be required.

Remote access of Carbonite files is also flimsy: “Files with special characters (~, \, /, |, :, ?, “, ‘, >, &, <, *, extra spaces at the end of a folder name) in the file name or the file path, have been known to cause Remote File Access to be unable to locate the file.”