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Broken Laptop Screen

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Hardware, resolved

My evil dog, Callie, tripped over the power cord and sent my Dell Inspiron 1505E to the ground. The screen is shattered and unusable. I have millions of tasks to complete. What should I do. (I am crying as I type this.)

1 Answers

  1. Solution Center on Dec 09, 2010

    I have checked the user manual found at http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/ins6400/en/om/about.htm#wp1097563

    Your machine has two video outputs: S-Video and VGA. If you can locate an old monitor, you can use the VGA output. You can also output the display from your laptop to a television using the S-video connection. You can probably find an S-video cable lying around the house. It is the round one.

    Once you have found a suitable output method, you can use F8 to toggle the display output from LCD to External.

    Quit crying.

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