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Everyone wants to enjoy the benefits of computer technology, but this complexity is not without a price. Fix Pickle recognizes that people will often encounter baffling situations. Fear not. Help is on the way…
multiple methods available to solve your problem


Each service is priced on a case-by-case basis according to the difficulty of the task and the time required.

Especially for Students: Fix Pickle can also proofread your school papers. Although Fix Pickle will not bolster your content with extensive research, your writing can be improved dramatically with corrections to: spelling, usage, syntax, style, logical presentation, and grammar. (The indoctrination camps posing as schools never teach the proper use of an apostrophe.) A polished piece makes a good impression–even if the content is lacking.

(Edits can be provided using Word or Adobe Acrobat (pdf). )

Pricing for the FixPickle solution service is based on the following schedule:

  • First half-hour: $20
  • Subsequent half-hour rate: $15

Proofreading services are billed at $5 per page.

Once you have submitted your issue for consideration, you will receive an estimate via email. Should you accept the proposal, you will be required to make a payment via PayPal using the payment feature found on the FixPickle site.

Refer to the Terms of Service for details regarding refundability, assurance of satisfaction, liability, etc.


No Macs!